International Scientific Conference

2023 Radiation and Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves RSEMW

June 26 - 30, 2023, Divnomorskoe, Russia

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Please, read the general information about the Conference before preparing your submission. Pay attention that when submitting forum paper you do not need to submit the abstract.

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  • All forum paper manuscripts should be prepared in English.
  • Size of the forum paper should be 4 full A4 pages. Papers shorter than 4 pages will not be considered for submission to IEEE Xplore Digital Library.
  • Authors should fill in Registration Form.
  • The forum papers should be prepared according to this Paper Template (docx, doc or from when preparing your manuscript. Please, use only doc or docx formats from, because there are some differences between the doc and LaTeX formats. Example of formatted paper can be found by clicking on the link. Papers formatted for any other templates will not be accepted.
  • In case you prefer using Paper Template from when preparing your manuscript, please, add the copyright notice to the bottom of the first page of your source document. If necessary, contact Daria Titova at for the appropriate copyright notice.
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  • Authors from Russia are requested to submit security clearance ("Заключение о возможности открытого опубликования").
  • The authors are requested to sign the IEEE Copyright Form (one form per paper, not per author). The link will be send to the authors after the submission.
  • Submit your forum paper manuscript and Registration Form to email
  • Note that if you need to make corrections in your submission, you just need to re-submit your materials.
  • Note that for RSEMW-2023 we implement IEEE No-Show Policy for handling of Non-Presented Papers.

Useful links

To format the references in the conference papers in an appropriate manner, one can use IEEE Reference Guide. It is also possible to find some examples in Example Paper.
Keywords for conference papers can be chosen form the top-most terms of the IEEE Thesaurus (more information on the link). It is also recommended to use some keywords or phrases with keywords in the paper abstract to help readers find your article.

IEEE Policy on Plagiarism
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Most Common Mistakes

  • Please, download conference template for RSEMW-2023 from this page. Avoid using conference template from years of 2017 or 2019, because there are some differences between these two templates.
  • Capitalize each word in a paper title and paper sections titles, except for the articles and prepositions, e.g. "Excitation of Electromagnetic Waves in a Spherical Cavity", "Solution of the Problem". Please, pay attention that there are no periods after these titles.
  • Please, pay attention to the Reference list and its formatting according to the paper template. Some helpful hints can be found below.

Do's Don'ts
Synthesis of a Multi-focal Impedance Reflector of Arbitrary Shape Synthesis of a multi-focal impedance reflector of arbitrary shape

Synthesis Of A Multi-focal Impedance Reflector Of Arbitrary Shape

Yuri V. Yukhanov, Tatiana Y. Privalova, Timur O. Amirokov, Egor E. Privalov Y.V. Yukhanov, T.Y. Privalova, T.O. Amirokov, E.E. Privalov

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