International Scientific Conference

2023 Radiation and Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves RSEMW

June 26 - 30, 2023, Divnomorskoe, Russia

Student Poster Competition

Student poster competition will be held at the RSEMW-2023.
The poster session will be organized at one of the conference days after the oral sessions. This poster session is for undergraduate, master degree students and PhD students. Participants should prepare posters (A1 format) with visual representation of their original researches and hang these posters in the special area for the session. During the session, the students will stand by their poster, and each participant will be interviewed and the jury of TPC and other participants of the conference will evaluate the posters. Other conference participants are also welcome to have a look at the posters and ask questions to the presenters. This poster session for students substitutes for the oral presentation of the papers by students.
To take part in the Poster Competition, please specify it when submitting your conference papers.

Some valuable information on conference poster preparation and examples can be found below:
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